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Unique Finnish handicraft, beautiful as roses

The municipality of Lappajärvi in western Finland is home to Onnintupa, the oldest log cabin in the region. The building was named after its former resident Onni, whose name means "happiness".  Onnintupa is home to a charming little handicraft shop named Kultainen Kiulukka, "golden rosehip". 

Here you'll find exquisite artifacts crafted by around fifty different Finnish manufacturers. The range includes beautiful and inventive items for home decor, gifts and utensils. The unifying idea behind our offerings is that we support small-scale craftspeople and family businesses whose splendid and unique products you won't find elsewhere.

We bid you a warm welcome!

Kultainen Kiulukka
Kaisu Huhtala
Nykäläntie 124, 62600 Lappajärvi

Opening hours
Tue - Fri at 10:00 - 17:00 
Sat at 10:00 - 14:00
Sun - Tue closed

Payment methods:
Cash and cards

Contact info:
Tel: +358 45 1289 089

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