The Story

One day, about 78 million years ago, a meteorite crashed to Earth at lightning speed in the area that is now Lappajärvi. This explosive marriage of the heavens and the Earth left a smouldering meteor crater well over 20 kilometres in diameter.
After the ash clouds had dissipated, it began to rain, and rained for seven years. As the rain filled the impact crater, it cooled and calmed the molten rock beneath it. This is how Lappajärvi, Europe's largest crater lake, was born. 

One day, about 78 million years later, a single rosehip washed up on the northern shore of the lake. Where did it come from? Nobody knows. But there it was, and there it stayed, taking root on the lakeshore.
It soaked up the sun and the meteoric minerals in the soil, and drunk deep of the lake's nourishing waters. And over time, it grew into a beautiful rose bush. In summertime its roses were in full bloom, and in the autumn it brought forth new rosehips. 

It was right beside this bold and brave rose bush that Kultainen Kiulukka was built. Its shelves brim with handcrafts, each one as beautiful and as individual as a rose.  Roses are the flowers of love, and kiulukka, the rosehip, is the fruit of the rose. Every item you'll find in our shop is the unique fruit of its creator's talent and imagination.

The story of Kultainen Kiulukka is being written  by shop owner